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What makes Doral’s Most Trusted Air Conditioning Company Different From Everyone Else?

Have you ever heard the saying “problems occur when you least expect them?


Take a look at this scenario, you are living your day to day life, focusing on your goals, saving money and spending all your efforts at work, and of course…

You notice the annoying water leak from your A/C, then little by little your air conditioner starts malfunctioning , and after some time the inevitable happens…

You went from focusing on yourself, trying not to waste money, to out of nowhere having to worry about a problem that could have easily been prevented.

So what next? You hired some random technician to help you with your air conditioning, and they don’t even give you a proper explanation of what is the actual problem.

Fast forward a couple of months and your air conditioner breaks again…

You need someone reliable, someone that actually cares about you and the work that they do,

the team at ED VERTEX A/C REPAIR- Air Conditioning are the correct answer… Created with the intent to help those who are going through a similar situation as you!


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Air Conditioning

We Are Aware Of Common Air Conditioning Mistakes Like Proper Maintenance, And We Completely Avoid Them!


We can help you save time and money. Our HVAC technicians will provide you a unique and custom air conditioning and heater plan, including the installation process.


Just as water is the key of life, ductwork is the key to proper air conditioning. Our ductwork equipment and techniques are second to none.

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