95% Of People Are Making The Same Mistakes When It Comes To Their Air Conditioning!

It is pretty evident with all the dust coming out from your air conditioning that you haven’t even done any maintenance to your A/C before.

It must be frustrating feeling that all your time is constantly being taken by random problems that come out of nowhere. Water leaks, heater problems, A/C malfunctions, etc. You name it.

And yes… Terrible feeling. But the good thing, is that we are here to make things easy for you!

Ask yourself “Wouldn’t it be better if I hire somebody that has all the air conditioning knowledge available, and actually knows how to fix my problem?” The experts at ED VERTEX A/C REPAIR- Air Conditioning are here to help you!

What Can We Do For You?

A/C Repair, A/C Installation, and A/C Maintenance.

You are probably thinking “how hard is to actually fix my air conditioning?”

“You just touch a couple of buttons, and switch a couple of cables and thats it right?”

WRONG! It looks easy because we have over 25 years of experience.

Everybody thinks that they can fix their air conditioning problems on their own, and that is exactly the reason that most of these air conditioning problems keep coming back in the long run. Only expert HVAC technicians to take care of the task.

We Only Use High-Quality Materials On Your A/C.

Our HVAC Technicians are the best of the best, and due to that reason we also use the best materials.

We do our best to pick the highest quality A/C materials in Doral Fl. Specially to avoid these mistakes from coming back in the future.

When it comes to air conditioner installation in South East and South West Florida we are experts on the field,

and we make sure that our job speaks for itself.

We Are Aware Of Common Air Conditioning Mistakes Like Proper Maintenance, And We Completely Avoid Them!

Many other HVAC Technicians out there, don’t even have the right knowledge to fix and maintain your air conditioning because they only care about the money. Others have little experience and have no idea how to actually solve problems.

Due to our experience in the field we do everything right, from the initial diagnosis, all the way to your new A/C installation!

The Right Type Of Air Conditioning Can Do Wonders, Specially Combined With Proper Ductwork And Heater System.

There is a variety of air conditioning units on the market, specially here in Doral Fl. We’ll help you understand the differences of each one and guide you to choose the best one for your property.

We’ll get rid of your broken and old A/C, and replace it with healthy new one. We’ll also provide you instructions to keep it well maintained!

Why Is Air Conditioning Such a Big Deal Nowadays?

If you live in the US, specially in the area of Doral Fl, and you don’t have a well maintained air conditioning, you are putting your life in danger…

And trust me… It is not worth it!

Air conditioning is expensive, but with these temperatures it is just impossible to live without one. Let me ask you something, is saving a couple of pennies really worth your life?